Biola University professors Doug Geivett, Mike Wilkins, Craig Hazen, and Ashish Naidu were featured in the 30-minute television show, Day of Discovery.

The segment “What Jesus Said About: Life After Death” examines the subject of Jesus’ claims about eternal life and features interviews with Talbot School of Theology professor Geivett and New Testament Language and Literature Professor and Talbot School of Theology Dean of Faculty, Wilkins. The segment takes the viewer on a journey to Jerusalem where they hear opinions from experts who provide reasoning for why it is logical to believe the words of Jesus. Questions of eternity are discussed as well as life after death.

In another episode, “What Jesus Said About God: Is there a Higher Power?” All four professors including Professor of Comparative Religion and apologetics, Hazen and Associate Professor of Theology Naidu, were featured in a discussion on the existence of God based upon the words of Jesus. The conversations, which take place in Israel,  provide arguments for belief and disbelief in a higher power, referring both to God and Jesus. The episode discusses questions about God, Knowing God, and reasons to believe in God.

Day of Discovery airs on ION TV Sundays at 7:30 a.m. Eastern and Pacific, and 6:30 a.m. Central and Mountain time. The segments are  also available to watch on the Day of Discovery website,

Written by Sarah Enriquez, University Communications and Marketing Intern. For more information, contact Jenna Bartlo, media relations coordinator, at 562.777.4061 or