The redemptive story of Christina DiMari is as hopeful as it is heartbreaking. The author of Ocean Star: A Memoir and keynote speaker at Biola’s Ruby Slippers events in March, led a group of Biola women to the sand and surf of Huntington Beach for a one-day workshop on March 26, 2010 focusing on healing and their significance to God.

In the latest issue of “Women’s Surf Style Magazine” (WSSM), the number one women’s surf magazine in the United States, DiMari tells her story and journey with God. On the last page of the four-page spread, Biola students are featured in a photograph from their time with DiMari, whose son currently attends Biola, at Huntington Beach holding up a starfish — a symbol DiMari cultivated from her life as a sign of God’s hope and work in one’s life.

“The symbols from the ocean that had been meaningful to me throughout my entire life began to take on deeper meaning,” writes DiMari in WSSM. “I had learned that when an ocean star is washed up on the shore, it hardens and dies. But, if it is connected to its life source, the ocean, it becomes moldable and alive…as long as it got back to the water, it would slowly regenerate and become whole.”

For thirty years, DiMari has been helping young women, through creative processes, find wholeness and purpose early on their journey. She is the author of four books and travels around the world reaching out to girls through her workshops. She has been married to her husband, Michael, for twenty-two years and loves being a mom to her sons, Jake and Trevor.

Purchase “Women’s Surf Style Magazine” at your local Borders or Barnes & Noble to read the full story.

Read more about Ruby Slippers and DiMari’s “You’re Designed to Shine,” one-day workshop with Biola students. Biola will be hosting more workshops like this in the future.

Written by Jenna Bartlo, Media Relations Coordinator. Jenna can be reached at (562) 777-4061 or through email at .