For the second year in a row, Biola University’s forensics team placed first in the Division II Individual Events Sweepstakes at the twelfth National Christian College Forensics Invitational (NCCFI) as well as placing in multiple other categories. The invitational was held at Biola this year from Friday, March 13 to Sunday, March 15, 2009.

Front Row: Angela Gomez, Socorro Navarro, Hayley Vellinga, Amy Scofield, Lorina Tamayo Schrauger (Coach) Middle Row: Eric Garcia (Coach), Jenna Fredericksen, Crystal Hammar, Jennifer Martin, Dorothy Alston Calley (Coach) Back Row: Jonathan Burrello, Nick Shorts; Photo Credit to Staci Bell

“Biola forensics was honored to host the National Christian College Forensics Invitational this weekend on our campus. The organization is one that we have supported from its inception due to its commitment to seek excellence in an exciting and educational activity, while reaffirming our commitment to our faith,” said Dorothy Alston Calley, professor of communication studies and director of Individual Events for Biola Forensics.

The NCCF Association sponsors the NCCF Invitational each year, which is a forensics tournament for schools in the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities. Twenty-five colleges participated in the weekend of speech and debate competitions. Speech includes platform speeches, such as Information and Persuasive Speeches, limited preparation speeches, such as Impromptu Speaking, and oral interpretation events, such as Duo Interpretation and Poetry Interpretation. Debate includes Lincoln Douglas - one on one debate - and Parliamentary Debate involving two individuals on one team against two individuals on another team.

In addition to Biola placing first in the Division II Individual Events Sweepstakes, Biola also took third place in the Division III Debate Sweepstakes, with Erick Roebuck receiving the honor of the Travis G. Jones Memorial Outstanding Coaches Award in his last year as Director of Forensics at Biola.

Biola students also made up half the slots in the final round of Duo Interpretation with senior Jonathon Burello and freshman Nick Shorts winning first place. Sophomore and team captain Jennifer Martin and Burrello took second.

“Biola Forensics is pleased that we could excel again this year and represent Biola well not only through our performance, but also our hospitality,” Calley said.

For more information on the National Christian College Forensics Association, please visit their website.

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Written by Jenna Bartlo, Media Relations Coordinator. Jenna can be reached at (562) 777-4061 or through email at