Sen. John Thune [R-SD] is becoming more of a household name as Republicans continue to look to him as a possible candidate for the 2012 presidential campaign. Thune graduated from Biola University in 1983 with his bachelor’s degree. He served in South Dakota’s only seat in the House of Representatives for three terms before unseating former South Dakota Sen. Tom Daschle in 2004.

Thune’s name and biography have made frequent appearances on major news sites this year, including US News & World Report and The Washington Post. TMZ even added its playful perspective on Thune during a broadcast of a basketball game the senator played in.  

Recently, Thune was also featured in The New York Times. CNN referred to him as the ‘regular guy’ and a ‘hot commodity in GOP circles.’

Thune is rising quickly to the top as a spokesman for the GOP in Washington.

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