Our 74th Torrey Memorial Bible Conference entitled “Facing Suffering” focused on our personal suffering, walking alongside others who are suffering and global suffering. Dr. Tremper Longman III reminded us that the psalms are a mirror of our soul, that help us understand our struggles. He called us to take our present suffering to God and allow our honest Psalm-shaped prayers to deepen our belief and know His fruit of peace and joy. Kay Warren reminded us that when intense suffering invades our lives, God promises great wealth hidden in the darkest places. She called us to believe God when he promises “treasures of darkness” and surrender to Him and follow His invitation wherever it leads. She also encouraged us to be present with others in their suffering, even when that is all that we can do. Reverend Adrian De Visser called us to receive God’s care for us, trusting His power within us to bring “the fish and loaves” of His compassion to those in the greatest need. Francis Chan concluded our conference calling us to identify with Christ through His suffering according to His will. He encouraged us to love God and trust His Word. Through this conference, we hoped that our students would be encouraged and reminded that they are not alone whether they are personally suffering or present with others who are suffering here and abroad.

This year, there was a global suffering prayer room “A Memorial to: The Least of These” that focused on remembrance and prayers of intercession for God’s work in the world. The personal prayer room “Encounter the Immanent: Take Refuge in His Shadow,” gave our students a place to draw near to the Lord. There was also a 24-hour prayer room in the AS Conference Room and the Soul Care ministry, from the Department of Spiritual Life, was available to minister to and pray with students throughout the conference.

The Department of Chapel Programs and the AS Chapel Board would like to thank all of those who served during the Torrey Memorial Bible Conference. We praise the Lord for your sacrificial service!