LA MIRADA, CALIF. --- Is belief in God a trick of one’s brain? Why is there suffering in the world? These are two of the many questions and topics the annual Apologetics Conference will discuss next weekend. 

The Apologetics Conference is in New England for the first time this year, November 20 to 22 in Smithfield, Rhode Island. Biola University Christian Apologetics department is co-sponsoring the event and several Biola professors are speaking at the conference.

“This will be one of the finest collection of thinkers responding to the crucial issues that many will ever see in their lifetime,” said Craig Hazen, professor and director of Biola’s M.A. program in Christian apologetics. 

Some of the speakers include apologists and thinkers William Lane Craig, Paul Copan, Gary Habermas, Craig Evans and many more. The conference will cover a range of topics from conversational apologetics and why there is suffering in the world to meeting the challenge of Oprah’s secret.

“Earnestly Contending,” the title of the conference, is derived from the famous line in the Book of Jude “to contend earnestly for the faith once delivered to the saints.” Hazen encouraged making a passionate and positive case for faith in Christ could be the most important thing Christians can do in the western world right now.

“People are hurting and hungry for meaning and objective knowledge. But they feel skeptical about ever having real answers to the biggest questions in life,” said Hazen. “As astonishing as it sounds, we really can know who God is and how to get right with him.”

The conference will be held at New Life Worship Center.  Registration for the conference is available online.