LA MIRADA, CALIF. --- More than 500 California educators will arrive at Biola this weekend for a full day of professional development seminars.

Biola University’s department of applied linguistics and Teachers of English, Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) is hosting the California Teachers of English, Speakers of Other Languages Conference (CATESOL) L.A. Regional Conference October 25, 2008. The conference is for English as a Second Language educators at all levels.

Dr. Dana Ferris, UC Davis, is the plenary speaker and will speak on “L2 Literacy and Language Development: What works (or Doesn’t) and Why?” Biola University professor Dr. Ivannia Soto-Hinman is the featured speaker and will speak on “Ell Shadowing as a Vehice for Systemic Instructional Change” in elementary and secondary levels. The second featured speaker Susan Gaer, Santa Ana College School of Continuing Education, will speak on “What Works with Beginning Adult Language Learners and Why” at the adult level.

Biola will be hosting the conference for the first time and is excited to welcome Southern California education professionals.

For more information, please contact Kitty Purgason at Biola University, (562) 903-6000.