The Loneliness Epidemic (Think Biblically Podcast)

  • Covid-19 restrictions highlighted and exacerbated the growing issue of loneliness in culture today. Think Biblically podcast hosts Scott Rae and Sean McDowell talk with Susan Mettes, a behavioral scientist, researcher and associate editor for Christianity Today, about her new book, The Loneliness Epidemic, and how leaders can respond.

Listen to Understand (Center for Marriage and Relationships)

  • Ever find yourself going in circles with your significant other during a conflict? The Art of Relationships podcast hosts Chris and Alisa Grace walk through an example of a relationship conflict and discuss the benefits of using the “speaker listener strategy” and the three P’s to practice during conflict.

Proclaiming and Encountering Christ in the 21st Century (YouTube)

  • In April, Biola hosted Bishop Robert Barron, founder of Word on Fire Catholic Ministries, for a conversation with Dr. Matt Jenson of the Torrey Honors College on the state of Christian evangelism.

Tensions in the Church & Communicating the Faith (Winsome Conviction)

  • Recent scandals and conflicts have eroded trust and caused cynicism toward Christian leadership, faith and the church. Russell Moore, public theologian at Christianity Today, joins Winsome Conviction podcast hosts Tim Muehlhoff and Rick Langer to speak about ways loyalty to the group — over loyalty to the truth — undermines faithful witness to the world about the good news of Jesus.

The Fundamentals of Writing Success (Biola LEARN)

  • Need a brush-up on your writing skills? Strengthen your skills and grow your confidence as an effective written communicator by joining June Hetzel, dean of Biola’s School of Education, in this new Biola LEARN Fundamentals of Writing course.

Culture Care and Journalistic Integrity (YouTube)

  • Ivan Penn, alternative energy reporter for the New York Times, delivers a lecture on justice, truth-telling and ethics, and the risks he has faced standing against a culture of greed and power in a public forum. Penn visited campus in October 2021 as part of Biola’s yearlong Celebration of Arts and Media.