Rocky Seto at Chapel (YOUTUBE)

  • Rocky Seto, former assistant head coach for the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks, spoke at a recent Biola chapel. The now full-time pastor at Evergreen Baptist Church of San Gabriel Valley shared about finding his identity in Christ after finding it in sports for so long.

Ethics and the Covid-19 Vaccine (THINK BIBLICALLY PODCAST)

  • Is it wrong for pro-lifers to get the vaccine due to concerns about how it was developed? Are Christians obligated to get the vaccine out of love for their neighbor? Scott Rae and Sean McDowell discuss these questions, and many more, related to the ethics behind the Covid-19 vaccine in their April 7, 2021, episode.

A Virtual Walk Through the Land of the Bible (BIOLA LEARN)

  • Ever wanted to take a pilgrimage trip to Israel? A new Biola LEARN course will give you the unique opportunity to “walk” where Jesus walked through exclusive drone footage. Learn about the most important modern Israeli regions while discovering the rich and intricate beauty of the Holy Land with professor Charlie Trimm.


  • Are you subconsciously reinforcing a negative view of your partner and your marriage? In this episode of “The Art of Relationships” podcast, Chris Grace and Tim Muehlhoff provide tools to help prevent your internal script from taking on a decidedly negative tone.

How to Discern God’s Will for Your Life (YOUTUBE)

  • During this Spring 2021 Biola Missions Conference session, Biola professor Katrina Greene shares about what it means to be “compelled by the Spirit” and three ways to help you know God’s will for your life.


  • Listening is important, a basic and vital action for learning, communicating and fostering healthy relationships. When we don’t listen, our relationships suffer and unravel. What undermines our ability to listen? Episode 18 of the Winsome Conviction Podcast considers two obstacles to listening — pre-judgment and covert definitions.