Greg Laurie at Biola’s Ablaze Conference (YouTube)

  • American author and evangelist Greg Laurie, senior pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship, spoke at Biola’s recent Ablaze Conference, focused on the revival sparked by the Jesus People Movement 50 years ago. In this session, Laurie shares his testimony and how evangelism can spark a revival today.

Digital Hope: Reclaiming the Online Public Sphere (YouTube)

  • Is it possible to speak truth in love with others in a digital sphere immersed in the argument culture? In this video of Biola’s recent Digital Hope Conference, Biola professors share communication strategies and spiritual disciplines that can help Christians be compassionate and civil when emotions run high and insults are quickly transmitted.

Glimmers of Grace in the ICU and ER (Think Biblically Podcast)

  • Covid-19 has brought the trauma healthcare workers experience to light. In this Think Biblically podcast episode, hosts Scott Rae and Sean McDowell talk to trauma surgeon Dr. Katie Butler about the grace and kindness of God in the midst of terrible medical trauma in the ICU and ER.

How to Create Emotional Intimacy (Center for Marriage and Relationships)

  • What is emotional intimacy and how do we create it? In this episode of The Art of Relationships podcast, hosts Chris and Alisa Grace share four key components of emotional intimacy needed in order to feel emotionally safe and connected in a relationship with another person.

Losing My Christian Convictions (Winsome Conviction)

  • Stories of Christians abandoning their faith have been prevalent in the media. In this two-part episode, Winsome Conviction podcast hosts Tim Muehlhoff and Rick Langer talk with John Marriott (M.A. ’06, M.A. ’07, Ph.D. ’15) about his new book, The Anatomy of Deconversion. Learn about three reasons people tend to leave the faith and the four stages of faith development.

Addressing Autism Spectrum Disorders (Biola LEARN)

  • Are you a parent, teacher or friend of someone on the autism spectrum? Learn how to better understand autism spectrum disorders and support your loved ones in this Biola LEARN course taught by Dr. Robin LaBarbera.