You’ve heard it said, “If you want something, just ask for it.” Well, sometimes that works, and other times, not so much. But in this case, you asked, and we as your Alumni Relations team heard, so you got it! You even named it. Via an online poll, you chose “BiolaHub” as the name of our new online engagement platform.

As I’ve traveled around the country and the world, I’ve heard over and over again your desire to connect to and be a part of a community of Biolans. You loved community while at Biola but once you graduated and left La Mirada, you felt disconnected without a way to find fellow Biolans, and that sense of community was lost.

Some of you who went far and wide in pursuit of career aspirations said you wished you had a trusted Biolan to tell you what life would be like and how to navigate the work world, how to understand new geographic and cultural landscapes. You also said you needed Biolans, or anyone, to offer you or help you find a job.

Some of you developed specific interests or reached a particular life stage and said you’d like to share life with those whose lives align with or parallel yours.

Some of you, as you’re traveling within the United States or abroad said you would like to connect with a fellow Biolan for tips on where to stay, where to worship, where to eat, where to shop, what to see.

At the end of the day, you just want to feel a part of the Biola community and be able to connect, fellowship and network, even if you’re not physically on or near the Biola campus.

We heard you! And we’re so excited that BiolaHub will help you do exactly what you’ve said you want to do: find and connect with fellow Biolans wherever they are and at any time, mentor and be mentored, connect and network personally and professionally, find and offer jobs, and do life with those like you.

We hope you’ll love being a part of BiolaHub as much as we’ve loved building it and rolling it out to you. Our goal is to be enthusiastic and relevant partners in your life and to always bring you the resources you need and desire because we’re all Biolans for life!

Explore BiolaHub by creating your alumni account at

Lily Chia Tsau is Biola’s senior director of alumni and parent relations. She loves getting alumni engaged and involved in the worldwide community of Biolans for life. Reach her at or

(Unsplash / Rebecca Dimarzio)