Want to connect with fellow Biolans? This map shows the areas where you can find a Biola alumni regional contact who's eager to help. Find your contact (or volunteer to become one) at biola.edu/alumni.

Not in La Mirada, but wanting to connect with fellow Biolans? No problem. From San Diego to St. Louis to Singapore there are Biolans ready and willing to welcome you and connect you with other local Biola alumni.

In the last few months, we’ve reached out to the Biola community to ask for Biolans who want to serve as the Biola alumni regional contact (ARC), our “conduit” or “bridge” from La Mirada to Biola alumni in regions around the world. We were pleasantly surprised at how quickly and enthusiastically responses came in. More than 80 of you have answered the call and said “Yes! Sign me up!”

What does that mean for you if you’re out and about around the country or the world? If you’re moving to, traveling through, or visiting, say — St. Louis — alumni contacts like Sarah and Randy Larson will happily and warmly welcome you to the region and connect you with the existing community of Biolans. They can be your resource for where to Connect with Biola in Your Region! Plug in to community with help from a Biola alumni regional contact shop for groceries, worship, get your car fixed and find the yummiest places to eat.

Many of our alumni contacts have already hosted meet-ups for Biolans to gather together in regions not only up and down California but around the country, including Minnesota, Boston and Washington, D.C. Some of our alumni regional contacts have also hosted new student send-offs to welcome our newest Biolans — incoming students and their families — to help them get connected even before they begin their Biola adventure.

Are you in a region where there is a Biola alumni regional contact? If so, get connected. If you’re in one of the regions where we don’t yet have a Biola representative (including Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Georgia, Hawaii, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Virginia and Wisconsin), sign up to be a regional contact at biola.edu/alumni. Why? Because we’re Biolans for life.