Biola hosted its 40th and final golf tournament on Sept. 10, where more than 100 golfers took to the links to raise more than $40,000, which will go toward the Biola Fund and Biola Athletics.

“Six of our eight financial advisors attended Biola, and we’re strong supporters of Biola’s mission,” said Dave Little (’93), president of Eclectic Associates, Inc. “The golf tournament has exposed people to Biola who might not have seen it before, and has been a great way to expand Biola’s audience.” The golf tournament has been one of the main avenues of corporate sponsorship for Biola and has generated roughly $60,000 a year in support of students. But as a one-day event, much of the Biola community has remained unaware of these local businesses and their partnership. This raised the question of whether there might be better, more mutually beneficial ways for Biola to engage with corporate sponsors.

“Our scholarship efforts will continue with a host of new sponsorship opportunities available to those who have historically been tournament sponsors, and, of course, our efforts will continue as we work to raise the necessary funds to enhance Biola athletics,” said Adam Morris, vice president of advancement and strategic planning. “Though the tournament is coming to an end, our fundraising efforts in these two vital areas will certainly continue.”

Moving forward, Biola anticipates a number of new avenues to partner with businesses in mutually beneficial ways. These future sponsorship endeavors will seek to introduce a wider spectrum of the Biola community to the university’s longtime and new sponsors.

Harold C. Taber, Jr., former group president at Coca-Cola Bottling Co. and a longtime Biola supporter, said it was bittersweet to see the golf tournament come to an end.

“Proceeds assisting all athletic programs has been important to [me and my wife Judie], Taber said. “We love golf and believe this event gives an opportunity for Biola to reach out to the community. It is just a good, fun day of Christian fellowship interacting with staff, faculty and other guests. We will miss it but 40 years is quite an accomplishment.”