As we close in on the $180 million goal of “A Soul of Conviction, A Voice of Courage: The Campaign for Biola University,” we are taking the “show on the road” to share how God continues to bless Biola in spectacular ways. If you haven’t yet attended one of our regional campaign events to hear about the amazing things that are happening at Biola, I hope to see you soon! One of the things I’m most excited about is the university’s goal to fund scholarships that will help make a Biola education more affordable and available to every student who desires one.

Every semester I teach a great class called Faith and Money, where I hear stories of God’s amazing provision in the lives of Biola students. Many of them have miracle stories. Then, when I am on the road visiting alumni, I hear of how diligently so many of you have worked to pay down your student loans after graduation. So many of you have miracle stories, too. I’ve heard enough stories to know God can and will provide the resources necessary for students who are called to be at Biola. But his plan isn’t always easy! And some students have had to make the difficult decision not to attend Biola even when this is their first choice and heart’s desire.

So what’s the answer? I think it is keeping a Biola education affordable, and the best way to do that is to increase the number and sizes of scholarships.

That’s why I am so pleased to have strategic partners like the Christian Community Credit Union to help provide scholarships to deserving students — a few of whom are shown below. The CCCU has provided financial support to more than 50 students to help make their Biola educations possible, and we are so pleased to have them as partners in the preparation of tomorrow’s Christian leaders.

You might say: “That’s great for organizations like the CCCU, but what can I do?” Well, you can help through your support of scholarships at Biola to help students who are struggling to make a Biola education possible.

I’m excited to announce the first of what we hope to be many scholarships designed to honor the great Biola faculty and staff who have made a difference at Biola. This new scholarship is called the Dr. Betty (McCullough) Carden Legacy Leadership Scholarship. Dr. Carden was one of the founders of Biola’s education program, and her work at the university touched generations of graduates, perhaps even you! And we want to remember her for her great work. To give to this new scholarship fund, visit Under Designation, select Other and type in the scholarship name, or make your check payable to Biola University, and be sure to mention Dr. Carden’s scholarship in the memo line.

Together we can ensure that future generations of Biola students can financially afford a quality Christian education. I hope you will join me in making this possible. For together we are Alumni for Life!

If you are interested in recognizing a faculty or staff member who made a difference in your life, you can contact me at