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Never before have more opportunities been available for Biola to realize its vision of being a university of global impact. Technological advances have enabled Biola to make its resources available around the world, providing biblically centered teaching and scholarship to virtually anyone with access to a computer or a mobile device. New international programs and partnerships have opened doors for the university to better serve the global church. In the next decade, expanded online and hybrid degree programs will allow Biola’s student body to nearly double in size and become a truly global community. With resources like Open Biola, faculty blogs, live-streamed events and more, Biola will offer biblically centered educational content to millions of people throughout the world.

Goal: $8 million

Raised to date: $468,000

What the $8 million will fund:

$2 million: International Programs and Partnerships
. As the global church continues to grow, so too have the needs for biblically centered education in the non-Western world. Biola will partner with existing institutions and networks in places like Indonesia, India, China and South Korea to provide contextualized Christian education to these areas of market growth. These initiatives will also create more cross-cultural learning opportunities for current students, preparing them for professional and ministry opportunities in a rapidly globalizing world.

$6 million: Enhanced Technology
. Biola seeks to allow anyone in the world to become a full-time student — with an ambitious goal of having 5,200 students enrolled in fully online or hybrid programs by 2022. First, the university must address significant needs in the areas of technology, software and equipment upgrades, faculty training and “innovation labs” for online course development. Key business processes and systems will also need an overhaul — such as registration, financial aid and admissions — if non-residential students are to become a larger portion of the enrolled student audience. These will be crucial if Biola is to lead, rather than play catch-up, in the new frontiers of 21st century education.

Learn more about this campaign priority at giving.biola.edu/campaign-recap.