a group of students wearing caps and gowns

The largest emphasis of The Campaign for Biola University, and the baseline goal upon which all other ambitions are built, is to make Biola affordable for all students. Students at Biola ought to experience their education fully, without having to work several jobs to cover tuition bills. Alumni ought to be able to hit the ground running in their careers when they graduate, unsaddled by debilitating sums of debt. Biola’s mission — equipping men and women in mind and character to impact the world for the Lord Jesus Christ — necessitates that we seriously address affordability, allowing our students and their families to focus on educational possibilities at Biola, rather than a daunting price tag.

Goal: $85 million

Raised as of May 2015: $67 million

What the $85 million will fund:

$20 million: Biola Fund
. Gifts to the Biola Fund reduce the cost of a Biola education for current students, 84 percent of whom receive some form of financial aid. Each dollar given to the Biola Fund can save a Biola student up to $2 in interest and principal over the typical life of a student loan, allowing them to pursue their vocations without the heavy burden of debt.

$40 million: Restricted Scholarships. Restricted scholarships provide direct aid to students in need, including those whose government grant funding is nonexistent or unpredictable. The “International Missionary Dependent Scholarship,” for example, is available to students from other countries who aren’t eligible for U.S. grant funding.

$25 million: Legacy Scholarships. Legacy Scholarships are funded through a gift that is deferred through an estate plan and can fund future endowed scholarships. These endowed scholarships can be restricted to students within a given area of study or interest, or can be unrestricted for the benefit of all future Biola students.

Learn more about this campaign priority at biola.edu/campaign