Lee Strobel

“Biola University truly is unique. There is no other school that offers what it offers in the area of philosophy, apologetics, so many other disciplines, in a tremendous facility with a great faculty, with great values, with a Christ-centered vision. This, to me, is the place for education in America.”

- Lee Strobel, Author of The Case for Christ and The Case for Faith


“The compassion, kindness and competence that the nursing faculty exhibit modeled what it looks like to be Jesus in the medical field. I am convinced that this continual emphasis helped me gain an awareness of the needs of the whole person, rather than just focusing on the physical.”

- Betsy Still (’11), Registered Nurse, PIH Health

Billy Kim

“Many graduates of Biola University and Talbot School of Theology continue to influence communities in Korea and all parts of the world. We see Korean graduates making an impact in almost every sector — as Christian leaders in business, missionaries spreading the gospel and church leaders guiding millions to live godly lives.”

- Billy Kim, Chairman, Far East Broadcasting Co.

Nicholas Wolterstorff

“I applaud Biola’s decision to promote first-rate Christian scholarship by establishing the Center for Christian Thought, for which I had the honor of teaching a two-week seminar in its opening year.”

- Nicholas Wolterstorff, Noah Porter Professor Emeritus of Philosophical Theology, Yale University

Jan Lynn

“Biola gave me both the academic and spiritual preparation for a successful career as a communications director at a local church.”

- Jan Lynn (’80), Communications Director, Eastside Christian Church

Sean McDowell

“Every student who goes to Biola is going to be trained to think Christianly and apply that discipline to culture for the sake of building the kingdom of God.”

- Sean McDowell (’98, M.A. ’03), Author, Professor and Apologist

Mark Linsz

“When I think of one word that describes my experience at Biola, I say, ‘growing’: growing close to friends, growing in what I learned, and then growing in faith.”

- Mark Linsz (’86), Co-Founder and Senior Managing Partner at My Next Season

Monica Busch

“Biola gives you the foundation that you need to be able to make a difference. Your relationship with God is so enriched there that you are able to take that and bless other people.”

- Monica Busch (’07), Consumer Marketing at Facebook

Ira Lippke

“Biola gave me a robust understanding of the Christian worldview, which gives me so much of a deeper insight into how humans function and what the arc of history is.”

- Ira Lippke (’98), Photographer

Nikki Garcia

“Because of Biola, I have the courage to apply for medical school.”

- Nikki Garcia, Current Undergraduate Student, Biological Science

Wale Giwa

“Because of Biola, I have the courage to accurately study the Word of God.”

- Wale Giwa, Current Graduate Student, Talbot School of Theology

Sam Hammer

“Because of Biola, I have the courage to dive deep into the Word with relevance to my major.”

- Sam Hammer, Current Undergraduate Student, Biological Science

Larry Acosta

“I’m so extremely grateful for not just what Biola has done for me, but how it has helped develop some of the disciples that have come behind me, for what God has called them to do.”

- Larry Acosta (’83, M.Div. ’88), CEO, Hispanic Ministry Center, Urban Youth Workers Institute

Randa Hinton

“Biola taught me to always seek truth and to never be afraid of my voice. This place has equipped me for where the Lord has called me to be.”

- Randa Hinton (’13), Creative Project & Event Coordinator, Fellowship Monrovia

Randy Alcorn

“An investment in the right college, one that is Christ-centered and Bible-believing, is truly an investment in eternity. Biola is just such an institution.”

- Randy Alcorn, Bestselling Author

Brad Cole

“Biola provides a place where the student can grow in mind and character. ... I still today fall back on that learning. I still desire to study God’s Word.”

- Brad Cole (’78), Chief Operating Officer, Genomic Health

Lawrence Tong

“I see more and more now the need for the fundamental truth of God to be taught in a solid way, and I think Biola provides that.”

- Lawrence Tong (’89), International Director of Operation Mobilisation

Andrea Short

“What Biola prepared and equipped me for was to function in a secular environment with Christ-like character.”

- Andrea Short (’11), Senior Auditor, Miller Giangrande LLP

Latoya Lewis

“Because of Biola, I have the courage to lead and love others well.”

- Latoya Lewis, Current Graduate Student, Talbot School of Theology

Kevin Vandekamp

“Because of Biola, I have the courage to view Wall Street as a ministry.”

- Kevin Vandekamp (’15), Business Administration


Esther Kim

“Because of Biola, I have the courage to be a light in the city.”

- Esther Kim, Current Undergraduate Student, Intercultural Studies

Walt Wilson

“Biola produces leaders who are grounded in God’s Word and the principles of Scripture; leaders who are committed to the biblical principles of truth, honor, integrity and the results of Holy Spirit guidance in their lives.”

- Walt Wilson, Founder and Chairman, Global Media Outreach

Jane Anderson

“Biola prepared me incredibly well for my medical school experience. I went to UCLA [medical school] ... and found that I had an education that far exceeded what students from Yale and Harvard and Princeton got.”

- Jane Anderson (’71), MD, Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, University of California, San Francisco

Bob Sears

“Biola really taught me to own my faith, to take it seriously, to live with the courage to always be honest. In medicine, you have to be honest with every single patient.”

- Bob Sears (’91), Pediatrician and Author

Andy Bales

“Biola University prepared me spiritually, provided me with sound doctrine and prepared me for a life of service as the CEO of Union Rescue Mission.”

- Andy Bales (’78), CEO, Union Rescue Mission

Mary Beth Boyd

“Biola University proved to me that I could be as competent as any other nurse in the country, and have a soul fixated on Christ as my cornerstone.”

- Mary Beth Boyd (’14), Patient Care Assistant, Hoag Hospital


Dan Cathy

“It is so encouraging to see what God has done and is doing through Biola University — particularly as we rest in his promises during this brave, new campaign.”

- Dan T. Cathy, President and COO, Chick-fil-A, Inc.

Henry Cloud

“What Biola gave me was a good, broad-based education in clinical psychology. ... It gave me the ability to stand between the research and the application into the real world.”

- Henry Cloud (Ph.D. ’88), Clinical Psychologist, Author and Speaker

Mike Erre

“The greatest legacy that Talbot left in me was an increased ability to think critically and compellingly about cultural issues from a biblical perspective.”

- Mike Erre (M.A. ’04), Pastor and Author       

Christopher Brooks

“So much of my Christian worldview was shaped and impacted by my time at Biola: the world-class faculty, the students I engaged philosophically, intellectually and practically with. Iron sharpening iron.”

- Christopher Brooks (M.A. ’10), Senior Pastor, Evangel Ministries

Wes Wasson

“At Biola I was surrounded by people at all levels who were there to make the world a better place.”

- Wes Wasson (’89), Former Senior Vice President and CMO at Citrix

Esther Perumalla

 “Because of Biola, I have the courage to seek God’s everlasting grace in the midst of any obstacle I face.”

- Esther Perumalla, Current Undergraduate Student, Psychology

Ashley Panko

“Because of Biola, I have the courage to be a servant leader wherever I go.”

- Ashley Panko (’15), Current Undergraduate Student, Business Administration

Eric Metaxas

“[Biola] is not an institution 
that is apologizing for its stance.
 This is an institution that understands that you’ve got 
to be courageous. You’ve got to
 be loving. You’ve got to be bold. You can’t be timid. We need to know that what we believe actually is true.”

- Eric Metaxas, Best-selling author of Bonhoeffer and Miracles, delivering the keynote address at Biola’s May 9 Conviction and Courage Gala.