As an adviser for Biola’s new Center for Christianity, Culture and the Arts, Melissa Schubert (’00) helps to bring some of this generation’s most accomplished innovators, artists and scholars to the Biola community. And as an assistant professor in Biola’s Torrey Honors Institute, she plays an integral role in cultivating the next generation of innovators, artists and scholars.

In the classroom, Schubert uses her literary skills and expertise in early modern poetry to help guide students through the great books program. At the end of each semester, she has typically read about 25 books with her Torrey students.

“Torrey is a learning community, which means that at times our faculty are simply members of the learning community who have gone deeper and further in the books that we study,” she said. “The main way I teach great books isby reading the same thing that my students are reading with all of the attention and skill that I have developed over more years of careful study.”

Outside of the classroom, Schubert’s eclectic set of skills and interests includes gardening, Scrabble, cycling, beekeeping and being a doting aunt.

Here’s your chance to get to know her.