He’s debated some the world’s leading atheists.He’s traveled the world defending the Christian faith. He’s published landmark books on apologetics and philosophy. But now professor William Lane Craig is taking on an entirely new challenge: children’s bedtime stories.

four children's books

Craig, a research professor at Biola’s Talbot School of Theology, recently launched a series of children’s books that he hopes will serve as a teaching tool for parents and a springboard for children to ask more questions about God. The series aims to expand children’s view of God and to help them develop a theologically rich concept of God’s attributes, Craig said

“Children ask deep questions and rather than stifle those questions, I think we want to encourage them to ask questions to stimulate their intellectual curiosity,” Craig said in a recent podcast. “I think these booklets can really help to do that.”

The What is God Like? series, based on stories Craig wrote for his own children, consists of 10 different books. With titles such as God is Spirit and God is Everywhere, each story deals with a different attribute of God and is played out by a cast of animal characters.

Brown Bear and Red Goose are the stars of the series, along with their gosling, Charity and their cub, John. The family of characters is based on Craig’s own family, he said, and he’s been drawing the bear and goose for his wife, Jan, for over 40 years. Every book in the series is illustrated by a young California artist, Marli Renee, 18, who teamed up with Craig after her father sent the author some of her artwork.

“Children are going to love these characters and that will make theology fun for them,” Craig said.

The collection of children’s stories adds to Craig’s already extensive range of apologetic resources for students and scholars, including such well-known works as Reasonable Faith and Philosophical Foundations for a Christian Worldview. The new series is available for purchase on Reasonable Faith’s website, as well as on Biola’s apologetics resource page.


Online Extra:

In February, William Lane Craig debated Duke University philosophy professor Alex Rosenberg, an atheist, on the question "Is Faith in God Reasonable?" at Purdue University. Nearly 5,000 attended the event in person while nearly 10,000 streamed it live online for free on Biola’s website. You can watch the video below.