Cloning genes and studying worms comes naturally to Matt Cruzen, a man with a fascination for how life works, even at the molecular level.

Cruzen, chair of Biola’s biological sciences department, is finishing up his 10th year of teaching at Biola and is still passionate about instilling in students a wonder for the world and equipping them with the knowledge and skills they need for successful careers in science and health.

And as the university’s self-proclaimed “burger go-to guy,” Cruzen is also excited to help his new students find the best hamburger in the area.

“I have a whole presentation on [burgers] and I show it on the first day of first year seminar,” he says. “You’re in a new place and you think, ‘Hey, where can I get a good burger?’ and I say, ‘Well let me help you, I have a whole presentation on it.’”

Here’s your chance to get to know him.