With its abundance of attractions and venues, residents of Los Angeles have plenty of entertainment. Biola Magazine recently surveyed Biolans on their L.A. favorites, including restaurants, coffee shops, museums, beaches and more. Over 80 alumni and current students responded to the survey and voted for their favorites.

According to the survey, Disneyland is the top favorite place in L.A. The theme park won first place in two categories: best theme park and tourist attraction most worth the hype.

Also winning a category by a landslide was In-N-Out for favorite restaurant in L.A. The fast food chain received 48 percent of votes while Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles trailed behind in second place with 11 percent.

Biolans named the Hollywood Bowl their favorite entertainment venue, and The Getty took first place as the best museum.

Aside from the entertainment aspect of the city, L.A. also provides easy access to many parks, nature reserves and gardens. Biolans voted the Huntington Gardens as their favorite place to experience nature, and the Griffith Park and Observatory came in seven votes behind.

While L.A. has many of well-known attractions, the city does have its hidden treasures. A favorite of Biolans is The Original Farmers Market, which won 25 percent of votes. Amoeba Music and the Griffith Observatory won second and third place.

Below is a complete list of winners and the top two runners-up in each category:


When you want to escape the city and experience nature, where do you go?


Which tourist attraction is most worth the hype?


What is your favorite music venue in L.A.?


Which is your favorite of L.A.’s hidden treasures?


What is your favorite L.A. theme park?


What is your favorite museum in L.A.?


Where do you go for a weekend road trip?


What is your favorite beach?


Where is your favorite place to eat out in L.A.?


Where do you go to satisfy your sweet tooth?


Which of the following is your favorite L.A. food truck?


In which coffee shop are you most likely to spend a relaxing afternoon?