For graduates of Biola nostalgic for great chapel addresses, provocative lectures and intellectually stimulating classroom teaching, a new technology is making it possible to reconnect with campus and catch up on the things you’ve missed.

It’s called iTunes U, and this fall Biola launched its own page, “All Access 24:7.” You can find it at

The iTunes U platform allows universities to make resources available to wide audiences for free, greatly expanding the reach of on-campus and in-class ideas to impact people far beyond campus borders. Anyone with a computer and iTunes can access Biola’s material — whether a pastor in Peru, a student in Indonesia or a stay-at-home mom in La Mirada.

iTunes U will play an important role in Biola’s ongoing efforts to effectively utilize new media. Biola’s iTunes U site features audio and visual resources like chapels, lectures, video interviews, events and conference footage — all free, searchable and available to any iTunes user.

Six Videos to Check Out Now

  1. World ChangersIn this chapel address, Biola trustee and Memphis pastor Bryan Loritts shares out of Genesis 12:1–3 about his passion and prayer for Biola to be a gospel-centered community that embodies the notion that “the Good News bringstogether strangers.”
  2. Ethics at the Edge of LifeThis collection of videos includes more than 12 hours of lectures from a weekend apologetics conference on bioethics, featuring the expertise of two Christian experts in bioethics, Scott Rae and Scott Klusendorf.
  3. Creation: Males and FemalesIn this lecture from his Theology 1 class, professor Erik Thoennes talks about what it means to be made in God’s image for both male and females. Why did God create gender?
  4. Science and Religion: Where the Conflict Really LiesIn this significant philosophy lecture held at Biola on Oct. 6, renowned Christian philosopher Alvin Plantinga spoke and answered audience questions on the topic of science and religion.
  5. The Joy of SufferingAs part of the October 2009 Torrey Conference, pastor/author Francis Chan gave this stirring chapel address inspired by Philippians 3:8-11. Chan talks about the inevitability of trials and suffering in the Christian life, and how we can grow through them.
  6. What is Communication? What is Theory?In this hour-long lecture from Tim Muehlhoff’s Communication Theory class, Muehlhoff talks Lost, hockey, the word “asinine” and the complexity of human communication.