a fork

Who would’ve thought you could eat potatoes with potatoes? But that’s exactly what you can do at Biola now, thanks to Bon Appétit’s adoption of potato-made, biodegradable to-go utensils.

The so-called “Spudware” is made from 80 percent potato starch and 20 percent soybean oil and takes a measly 180 days to break down.

Also, next time you take food to go from the cafeteria, it might taste a little bit sweeter than normal. That’s because the new take-out boxes are made from biodegradable sugar cane fibers.

Not only are these things eco-friendly alternatives to non-biodegradable, pollution-causing plastic and styrofoam, but nine out of 10 Biolans agree: Using food to eat food enhances the dining experience!