Andy Leong is passionate about music, especially music that is creative and trailblazing. He’s tired of Christians making music that is little more than an after-the-fact, copycat, “Christian alternative.”

Andy, who came to Biola from Arcata, Calif., and whose parents work for Campus Crusade at Humboldt State University, believes that Christians are weak on culture making.

One of the biggest problems, said Andy, is that the Christian subculture has become such a separate, self-sustaining thing from the rest of culture. This has negative consequences both on how we consume culture and how we create it.

“For a really long time, all the biggest artists, writers and composers were Christians. Christians were the biggest force in culture,” he said. “Then, in the 19th and 20th centuries, we lost that influence.”

Andy is passionate about re-establishing Christians as leaders and trailblazers — rather than followers — in the arts.

“Instead of setting the pace and trying to influence culture, we’re a step behind, coming up with Christian alternatives to secular successes,” Andy said. “What needs to happen is Christians in media need to be willing to take risks in new and original ways. We should be trying harder than anyone else, giving our all, setting the pace for the rest of the world.”

Andy dreams of starting his own record label that takes chances on new and original music artists, working with them in the studio and in all aspects of their careers to create forward-thinking records that set the pace and influence culture.

Though currently a music composition major, Andy is hoping to switch to media management, to hone the skills necessary to make his record company a reality.

He loves producing music and working on the business side, but he also loves creating his own music. His band, The Fragrance, plays for Biola Youth — a university program that offers resources to area home-schooled families — and is in the Biola chapel worship rotation. Andy writes songs for the band, which is currently preparing to record a demo.

Whether he is composing, producing, performing or appreciating art and culture, Andy is committed to doing it at a high level. This, he would say, is our long-neglected Christian duty.