If you ever take a look at Biola’s campus map, it is pretty straightforward simple to locate dorms halls, Chase gymnasium, the caf, etc… But, have you ever asked yourself what hidden passageways and entrances are within Biola? Although Biola is a small campus, there are a decent amount of passageways that are worth checking out. You can really use them as you favor, such as using a passageway to get to class, heritage cafe, or Sutherland Hall to attend chapel.

South Campus Gate Entrance/Exit

Does your friend live a walking distance from Biola? Most of our commuter students live at least 10 minutes away from Biola (It is by far what I have heard from most commuters). The south campus gate is located at the end of Hart Hall. I honestly don’t think that it’s used often by students. However, go take a walk and check it out. You may use it in the future.

StewHart Stairs

The reason why I titled it “StewHart” is because both of the dorm buildings team up for our campus-wide dodgeball tournament that happens every fall semester, Nationball. The stairs are located right next to Stewart’s and Hart’s bike rack. These stairs go straight up to the softball field, the Grove, a beach volleyball court, and the Production Center. It’s pretty sweet how the stairs are a shortcut to all of these locations.

Emerson Hall Path

Behind Emerson Hall, home to Torrey Honors College, there is a shortcut that leads to Sutherland Hall and to the other buildings that neighbor it. The amount of times that I have used that to get to class on time has been a gift. It is a time saver because you don’t get to walk the long way around the Caf. Just don’t use it when it is raining, it gets really muddy since it’s a dirt path.

The Hope Stairs

Located behind Hope Hall, the stairs lead to the Production Center, Rood Hall, The Lim Center, and the business building. You can also sit around the stairs to hang out with friends. At times, students get together to host worship nights.

The Biola Park Bridge

When driving past parking Lot S, look to your left. You will see a bridge that connects to a small park across the La Mirada River. There are benches to sit and relax if you ever need a space of solitude. Personally, I use that space to film and take photos. By far, it is my favorite spot to take a break and enjoy the scenery, besides the Talbot Garden. 

These passageways are by far the most simple to identify and worth checking out. It definitely guarantees time saving and shorter walking distances to nearby Biola buildings and halls. Take a day to fully tour campus when you are settled at Biola. You will definitely have a great Biola map in your head that you will get used to. Although Biola can be identified as a small campus, it still brings some hidden features that you will not expect.