To the community I can’t wait to return to,

I miss you. I miss being on campus and being a part of our community. I miss going to classes and seeing professors. I miss going to Heritage and seeing people and having deep conversations. I miss eating at the Biola Caf, and having late night study sessions in the library. I miss dorm life and my roommate. But, how lucky am I to miss you?

Being a part of this community looks different now. I know God is still in control, and that gives me hope. I know one day our community will be united face to face. It will be a day of celebration and joy. It will be worth all the grief, stress, anxiety, and restlessness. Although each day seems to merge together, God has His hand over all of it. He is with me drinking my morning coffee, He is with me as I make lunch, He is even with me when I am doing homework. To the community that I can’t wait to return to, you are worth all of this. You are loved and missed. I am excited to return.

Best wishes,


Banner Photo by Mathyas Kurmann on Unsplash