What’s up friends!

I hope you guys had a phenomenal week this past week! We’re getting back into the flow of things at Biola as the semester winds down. It’s crazy to think I’m almost done with my first year of college.

Reflecting on last Summer, I remember feeling so many mixed emotions. I remember crying about only having a few short months at home but then the next day I was expressing how ready I was to move into college. Be patient with yourself as you explore the emotions that follow your last summer before college, they are all normal and so valid! Anyways, I wanted to share a few tips with you guys for the summer! These are tips that either really helped me, or just wisdom that I wish I was told before I left.

1. Save up your money!

    College is way more fun if you have a little spending money to buy an acai bowl after your beach day or a coffee out with friends! Plus, we are close to Disney, Los Angeles, shopping and beach adventures. Trust me, you will thank yourself later if you work hard to earn money the summer before college!

    (If you are already enrolled in Biola, you can use Handshake to sign up and apply for on-campus jobs too!)

    2. Family First.

      Don’t get too excited to leave that you forget about where you are right now. You will miss your normal life at home with your family WAY more than you realize. In fact, I would give anything to have a home cooked meal around a table with my parents right now! Spend some quality time with your parents, and siblings. You won’t regret any of that time.

      3. Pray, pray, pray.

        I know this seems cliché, but the Lord wants to hear about all the emotions running through your head! Pray for discernment about your major, your roommate, your friends, professors--whatever it may be. You will feel at peace knowing the Lord is at the center of all your big decisions.

        4. Less is More.

          I flew across the country and showed up to Biola with only 3 suitcases, and I still don’t need half the stuff I brought with me. Your dorm space will fill up quickly, and your wardrobes are not THAT big. Chances are you'll change your style and what you want in your dorm room--so don’t bother having it all together right when you move in!

          5. No expectations are the best expectations!

            The first semester--even year--of college is different for everyone, and you have probably heard stories from older friends about what college “should” be like. I can tell you right now that it will be totally different. I encourage you to come in with no expectations of how your life should be. Allow things to happen and enjoy every little bump and turn in the road. You will settle in eventually and everything will work out! You can prepare yourself by praying that the Lord will give you peace, confidence and an open heart and mind.

            I hope these tips were helpful for you and that you have a lovely last summer before college! Enjoy it. Make memories with your friends from high school, stay in and hangout with your mom, invest in your parents and siblings, and most of all, spend time cultivating your relationship with the Lord. You will save yourself so much hurt and struggle if you get into a rhythm of spending time with him everyday--He is your life line because you can no longer rely on your parents! Even once your schedule gets crazy (college is insanely busy, but so much fun), you will always prioritize Him.

            Until next time !!!


            Banner Photo by Cullen Jones on Unsplash