Hey guys! 

So Spring Preview Day is coming up on February 16th-17th! I love working events where I get to meet some of you prospective students - if you see me please come up and say hi. :) Spring Preview is a super awesome opportunity for you guys to come on campus, go to classes, sleep in the dorms, and see what doing life is like here at Biola! 

Ambassafam 2020 (Who Will See You at Spring Preview!)
Ambassafam 2020 (Who Will See You at Spring Preview!)

The plans for Sunday are MY FAVORITE! You all arrive around 2-4pm and then you straight off get to go on a campus tour with our amazing tour guides. I am not a tour guide, but I highly encourage you to ask them questions and get to know them on your tour. I know all of them from working with them this past semester, and I can truly say they love hearing from you all! So don’t hesitate to ask on your tour about their favorite activity on campus or even their best Caf hack. ;) 

Next we have a fun kick off planned and then dinner (yum). 

After that, you guys will get to hear more about the admissions process and how it differs whether you are a freshman or a transfer. Also at that time there will be a Q&A, giving you guys an opportunity to ask questions  and hear from your admissions counselors. The next thing we are going to do (which is my favorite) is go to Singspiration or as we Biolans call it, Singspo. It is one of our eight chapel opportunities a week that Biola offers and it is my favorite one. We all gather in the gym and one of our chapel bands plays worship music for the whole hour from 8-9PM. It’s such an amazing way to end your Sunday and an even better way to go into your Monday. It’s gonna be so awesome for those of you who choose to come to Spring Preview Day because not only will you go to Singspo, but you will also get a sweet treat after! We will have some yummy boba for you all to have. Honestly it’s the perfect ending to a sweet Sunday here at biola.

On Monday, you guys will have the opportunity to schedule meetings with your admissions counselors as well as attend financial aid info sessions. Certain departments will have open houses where you can meet teachers in that department as well as see what it would be like in class. 

Overall, spring preview day is an awesome opportunity to visit campus and get a taste of what it is like to go here at Biola. Oh. 

And I almost forgot to mention. . . we've got a surprise this year - two things we've never done. Follow us on @biolaadmissions on IG and ZM to find out!

Hope to see you guys there!
Til’ next time,


Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash