Hello Friends -- long time no see! 

The Ambassa-Blog Squad is back and better than ever. We’ve had a few weeks to rest our minds, but our creative juices are flowing! We are so excited for the fun adventures this next semester holds. 

Biola is a very special place. Take five steps onto campus or have one conversation with a student or professor and you will soon realize that the Holy Spirit resides within our campus. The school was established as a Bible college but has transformed into a hybrid of a liberal arts university and a seminary. The word of God is hidden inside the very DNA of Biola and you can feel the shift in atmosphere. 

I’m sure you have heard that every Biola student will graduate with a minor in Biblical Theology. This means that every student is studying the Old and New Testament, Theology, Hermeneutics and the Gospels--all combined into 30 credit hours! Every student will leave Biola with foundational knowledge about the Christian faith. With that, most professors here are more concerned about the heart of a student. If a student aces all of their Bible classes yet does not fall more in love with Jesus and leave the class with a changed heart, the main intention of the class has been missed. 

One of my favorite parts of spiritual life at Biola is chapel. Biola offers eight chapels a week and each chapel is designed to focus on different aspects of following Christ-- worship, guided prayer, teaching, fellowship, conversation, cultural awareness, etc. Biola also offers Pastoral Care which is one of the most helpful resources for spiritual guidance. The leaders within Pastoral Care are well equipped to counsel and pray for you as well as intentionally listen to your concerns of faith and your relationship with Christ. 

Besides the spiritual resources Biola offers, most, if not all of the students on Biola’s campus are genuinely pursuing Christ on their own. I cannot tell you how many times I have encountered students praying over each other, discussing the Bible over coffee or worshiping outside of chapel. Biola represents the body of Christ so well, and I am constantly blown away by the way the Lord moves on campus. 

Like every Christian school, we are not perfect by any means. Biola is a beautiful, Christ-centered community, but I do believe we can improve: I would love to see our student body be completely led by the Holy Spirit -- in worship, visions, in prayer and in bold conversation. I hope to see our campus walking in complete surrender to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and the freedom that is found when we finally do surrender.

 If you would, please commit to praying for the spiritual life on Biola’s campus. The enemy hates to see a body of believers arming themselves and bringing the kingdom of heaven down, so we must combat the spiritual attacks with prayer. 

We are fighting FROM victory, not FOR victory! 

Peace & blessings, 


Photo by Ben White on Unsplash