Hey friends,

I know it has been a difficult season for a lot of us. A lot of you have felt like you have been robbed, and rightfully so. This is truly a time and process of grief. I want to invite you to recognize that grief, know your feelings are valid, but also remember your identity. I will be honest, it is really easy to lose yourself during this time. But I invite you guys to find practical ways that you can stay rooted in your identity in Christ. Remember that although life looks differently nearly everyday, God is the one thing that remains. These are just some of the ways I try to keep myself rooted in this time of uncertainty:

Listening to music

There are songs I have been listening to that help keep me grounded. Sometimes just dancing around my room singing them helps me. Music is so good for the soul and there are so many truths in songs. Even if you feel yourself getting overwhelmed with online school, responsibilities, or simply just life- I encourage you to play these and embrace those truths. Here is a link to a playlist I made for you guys to help keep you rooted in this time.


Remembering what makes you, you

As someone who values social media, I love my Instagram highlights. These highlights as simple as they are, represent part of who I am. Sometimes I look through them to even remind myself what makes Bailey, Bailey. I am reminded of my home Biola, my love for coffee, the amazing people around me, my Disneyland adventures and so much more. My point being, remind yourself of those things that make you, you. Those things are never postponed, never canceled, and never forgotten.

Take care of yourself

It is really easy to find excuses to ignore this during this time. I am so guilty of this. But, if there is any advice I can give to you it is to take care of yourself. I think even making a daily checklist can go a long way. Make sure you are eating three meals a day, drinking plenty of water, going outside, finding creative outlets, and most importantly finding yourself. For me, reading my daily devotional and journaling has helped me establish healthy habits and lean into God’s consistency through all of this. I am constantly being reminded that thankfulness and prayer are the best offenses to all the anxious thoughts that are filling my head. Even remembering three things a day I am thankful for help keeps me on the right track.

I want you guys to know that it is okay to feel what you are feeling, and that you are not alone in that. As weird as that may be, this is what is uniting us during this time. Make sure you are reaching out to friends and leaning into each other. Please know we are here for you and praying for you, even from far away. We want to continue to celebrate you in this college decision process. We are looking forward to welcoming you with open arms in the fall. We want to continue to hear your stories! Tell us in the comments (or hit us up on ZeeMee) below on why you chose Biola and how you are staying rooted during this time?

- Bailey

Wearing a cloth mask may help prevent infection
Wearing a cloth mask may help prevent infection