What space means to me

Interior space is an environment where we can expand and grow as individuals and with others. The physical space should be a setting where we can be creative, productive while setting the necessary boundaries to also rest in that given space. I love that at the end of the day, I can always come back to my bed and have time to get the necessary sleep I need to go on with my full schedule. During my first year at Biola, I didn’t make it a point to get the essential sleep I needed. This school year I made it a point to make sure that I got the rest I needed to function. So at the end of the day, my room was a place to come back to recharge and rest after a full day of work and class. My space is a reflection of who I am with its own aesthetic and “vibe.” You can probably relate to this when I say, my room should be my very own. Being an art major, I love altering the space the way I want by adding pictures, plants, art, and photos. In my space, I feel that I must be inspired when I am about to make something or work on a project. In addition to having my personal space to be used for creativity, I also want it to be an area of my own to have time with God: a place to read my bible, do devotional, and have quiet time with God. My personal space is for the hustle but also to rest and reflect, there’s a healthy balance with all of it.

I value my space but I don’t mind bringing friends and family into those spaces. My space, much like who I am, is warm and welcoming so I want to bring those I care about into my space.

Noa's dorm
Noa's dorm at Blackstone

Transitioning out of dorm life back home

When COVID-19 hit Biola, there were a lot of unknowns that weren’t yet covered and rumors beginning to circulate. Students were unsure if Biola’s academic courses were going to be moved online to be accessible remotely from home and if this affected campus-housing. My floormates and friends were unsure if they had to move back home or not. My parents and family began to be more concerned about other college campuses closing with Biola still in session. I had total faith in God that it was all going to work out for the good so I attended all my classes until the notice was given that Biola was going to be moving online. Even though my parents wanted me home I wanted to stick my ground and be here for my guys. Not all of them were able to return home. They needed support so I wanted to be there for them so I told my parents that I wasn’t going to go down without a fight. After we had been moved to a remote-delivery system, there was only a matter of time until we were told that we had to move out of the dorms and back home. The day after I told my parents that I wasn’t going to go down without a fight and that I had total faith in President Dr. Barry Correy making the right call, we received an email telling us due to the virus spreading, it became more of a risk and was safer to send students home making the rest of the spring semester to be done online. It was sad having to leave my floormates early, uncertain of what the future held. I knew one thing, however: everything was going to be okay.

patterns and closets
Patterns and closets
Noa, surveying the scene
Noa, surveying the scene

The next few days I worked on saying my last goodbyes to dear friends, spending time with my roommate, and with my ambassador team all before we had to leave campus. For those who couldn’t return home, they could remain on campus.I am just glad that everyone has somewhere to go. I wanted to offer the space if some of my guys wanted to stay at my house but I knew that would be an overwhelming concern for my family and I didn’t want to endanger their safety. They’ve already quarantined themselves a week or two before I had even gotten home so I knew quarantine life was going to be an adjustment. Having to say goodbye to friends, pack up my dorm room and move back home to continue classes wasn’t what I expected. Finally being home until next fall, I knew it was no better time than any to address the state of my room for the lack of comfort and confidence I had in it. So, with having to relocate my space that was uniquely mine, I came home to one I didn’t recognize anymore. There was a brief moment where I questioned my identity. I questioned why I ever had such a childish room, one that was a mess where I wouldn’t clean for the weekends I did come home for church because it wasn’t where I was primarily living. From being overwhelmed with the thought of beginning classes that following week, I decided to pitch a home remodel to my parents and they were all for the project. I knew I wanted to keep myself busy and my family wanted to help out knowing that I wasn’t happy with my current living space. After cleaning, sorting and throwing things away, the room began to breathe again. I not only cleaned it but I wanted to see a whole new vibe come out of this space. I was tired of the blue and white and knew the room needed life brought back into it. I decided to go with a warm green and yellow which really accent the space rather nicely. I am so happy to be in my new room, it’s more mature and more me. Even though I felt my previous room was also a reflection of who I was, it didn’t feel mature or comfortable to live in. Where I am, given the quarantine conditions, redoing my room early on has really helped me to be more focused on my studies and feel less antsy from being inside. I knew that my parents were grateful that I was home and happy that I was happy about being in my room. I am blessed with an amazing family that cares deeply for me and even though Blackstone was home away from home, I did all in my power to stay as long as I could. I am going to make great use of this space now that I have my bed to sleep on again instead of the couch. Here’s to more good vibes going forward in this space. May it be creative, restful, and enjoyable.

Noa's room 1
Greens and yellows
Details of Noa's room, greens and yellows

If you feel your space is in need of a shakeup, get creative! Your space should be personal to you. I love where I am now even though I am missing family and friends dearly. If I am going to be inside to continue the rest of the semester, I want to be satisfied with the space that I get to call mine. I am grateful to have a bed to sleep in, food to eat, and clothes to wear at the end of the day. I am immensely blessed and humbled by all of this. Use this time to work on you, to strengthen your relationship with God and with your family. Stay safe out there friends, you are loved!

Noa, living life
Noa, living life

See you around,


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