Being part of a legacy is very honorable. As for someone who has high ambitions, there are parts I bring that are slowly engaging with the legacy. Being a Biola student, especially as a minority, it's a very humbling opportunity to be in higher education. I wanted something that would get me out of my comfort zone and be able to do something that my family did not have the opportunity to do so. Now, as one part of the Biola legacy, I am called to continue to leave an impact in the advance of God’s Kingdom.

As a First-Generation student, I had to figure out most of what college is myself. Since my parents did not go through the college experience, I could not be provided with guidance. Counselors were the people I looked up to, providing the tools to build the beginning of a college journey on my own. At Biola, I am involved with First-Gen, which brings me to a humbling space that I get to be with other students going through the same experience of being first generation college students. Biola represents its First-Gen students well, providing the resources needed for the growing foundation we are still continuing to do. I am also beginning a family legacy as the first one to go to college. Being the oldest with two younger siblings, I needed to create an outlet of inspiration to show them that anything is possible through God.

This calling of pursuing Cinema and Media Arts at Biola is something temporary that I am currently answering. How so? Time, which is the one thing that I am racing against to continue to build more of what the Biola legacy is. Although I carry many expectations of myself that I may not have time to get to, I continue to work on leaving something that will impact the next generation. Something that will serve them instead of receiving the recognition everyone may be asking for.

Personally, Biola means opportunity. There is much offered to our hands that we at times miss or misuse the opportunities given to us. I confess that I’ve been guilty of doing such actions. Opportunities can be crucial for someone like me because I seek ways in how I can advance further.

Although I have become part of the Biola legacy, I am still continuing to learn how to put my input on it. To be offering to that legacy what I am capable of doing and accomplishing to build it up stronger. It is something I should continue to lay before me and continue to include the necessary parts of the narrative.