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I’m coming at you with yet another blog. This last semester, before Coronavirus, we hosted Spring Preview at Biola, the MOST fun two-day event for prospective students to get a sneak peak at Biola life. I even got to meet a lot of you who read my blogs which was so encouraging. 

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Jesus Saves Sign

So, if you have ever been to Biola you have probably seen the large ‘Jesus Saves’ sign on the side of the parking structure--it’s pretty hard to miss, but I have attached a photo above if you haven’t seen it yet. The sign is a replica of the original ‘Jesus Saves’ sign at the top of the Ace Hotel in Downtown LA. The replica on the west side of the parking structure was funded by the graduating class of 2013.

Jesus Saves Downtown LA
Jesus Saves Downtown LA

The sign was constructed on top of the original location of Biola at the corner of 6th and Hope Street in downtown Los Angeles. It was constructed in 1935 and was sponsored by a Biola radio listener from Riverside, CA. Even after Biola moved locations from downtown LA to La Mirada, the sign was moved to the top of the Ace hotel and serves as a banner of truth across Los Angeles.

Biola’s very own beloved President, Dr. Barry Corey, said this about the sign, “Biola University is making a statement about how central that message still is to our mission, as long as Biola has existed and will exist, proclaiming ‘Jesus Saves’ will be central to who we are.” We love our beautiful and historical Jesus Saves sign. It’s a symbol and a message upon which Biola is built.

Jesus Saves Pin!
Jesus Saves Pin!

Students, we have something exciting for you! Campus is currently closed, but we still want to connect with you even though we can’t meet in person. Keep an eye out on our Instagram for our Virtual Admitted Student Event week, coming next week!

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