Hi friends! 

I can’t believe this last semester is over --- I have been reflecting on my life recently and how strange time is. We take life day by day and nothing feels different, but after a while we look back and realize we’re suddenly grown up, in college and looking for a career. For example, I feel like I can easily recall memories from when I was 8 years old, because I feel like it was just yesterday that I was 8 and making pancakes with my mom on a Saturday morning. To think that those moments happened over a decade ago and now I live in Southern California, studying at the best University in the world. Life is crazy! 

As I look ahead to my Spring semester, I feel very excited. I changed my major from Public Relations to Biblical Theology, so my classes will be 98% bible classes. I am anticipating spiritual growth as well as improving my knowledge on the Bible. My prayer is that I never take for granted the education I am receiving -- to think that I get to go to college to learn about the word of God...what a blessing! 

One class that I am especially excited for is Foundations of Ministry. The class discusses the disciplines of Christian Education Ministries and the historical and theological nature of the church. The class also explains principles of doctrine and the Holy Spirit. 

I am also excited to develop a new routine with new habits. I am hoping to go to sleep earlier and prioritize alone time with the Lord. I have noticed that it is very difficult for me to be still and alone for long periods of time and I want to press into that discomfort in order to grow. I also want to start waking up earlier to have productive mornings. My Spring schedule requires me to wake up around 7am every morning so I hope to challenge myself to be more of a morning person! 

I have high hopes for Spring semester. I can’t wait to make more memories with my friends, explore more of California and learn more about my Heavenly Father!! I’m also stoked for a new season of creating content for Biola Admissions. 

Talk to you guys soon! 



Photo by Donna Godsell on Unsplash