Hi guys, Bailey here! As a Junior and a second year student Ambassador, I look back on my college selection journey wishing I was better prepared! It was such a unique and growing experience for me and I want to walk alongside you guys in yours. I put together 5 tips and tricks on what to ask your Admissions Counselor or Student Ambassador while on a campus visit (even if it's virtual).

1) Ask questions!

Your counselors and student ambassadors LOVE answering your questions...so please ask them! Our job is to show you and share with you what Biola is about and what we have to offer. If you can’t find the answers you are looking for on our social media accounts or websites, please know you are more than welcome to contact us with any questions. We want you to feel confident in your college decision and feel equipped with as much information as possible.

2) What is important to Biola?

 Once you know what is important to Biola you can see if it aligns with what is important to do! Before applying to any university, it is important to know what you are looking for. This will help you figure out what colleges you should apply for. After making the list of your dream university, tell us about those things! We can share our values and you can discover if they align with yours!

3) How does Biola prepare me for my future?

College is such a transformative time! It is important that these 4 years prepare yourself for your future beyond college. One of my favorite things about Biola is how we have so many resources to help you get plugged into jobs and internships both on and off campus. This just shows how Biola wants to personally invest in each and every student. Your story matters before you get to Biola, during your time at Biola, and beyond your time at Biola.

4) What resources are offered to students?

Academics are a huge part of any university, but colleges have so much more to offer. It's good to know what ways Biola can invest in you personally, mentally, spiritually and academically. There are so many things that make Biola, well, Biola. We have our center for Spiritual Formation, the Counseling Center, Student Wellness and so much more.

5) What are ways to get involved?

Community in college is key! But what does that look like at Biola? At Biola we value community but that also looks different for everyone. We are made up of a diverse population with lots of different personalities and backgrounds. Biola wants to work alongside you and get you plugged into a community you would thrive in. There are so many options! There is residence life (dorms and apartments), on-campus jobs, intramurals, major programs, student government, and plenty more. In high school I was involved in ASB and sports, and I was able to ask my Admissions counselor how these passions of mine would look like at Biola. Through his help, I was able to find ways to continue to pursue my passions in my transition to college. Now, I'm an Ambassador for Biola and have played some intramural soccer!

Bye friends!