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I cannot believe that this year is almost coming to a close. I have been so blessed to show you guys the ropes of Biola and my testimony with all of you wonderful people. I hope in this season God is blessing you all in so many ways. I cannot wait to see you on campus soon, if that means a tour or when you come to school here as an enrolled student or most importantly BIOLA BOUND!!!

In this blog, I am going to be laying out what typical Biola Bound will entail. First off, one of our fellow Ambassadors and Admissions counselor will make the 23-mile trek down the freeway to Los Angeles International Airport to pick up all of the prospective students coming in for Biola Bound. Typically, there are 12 vans that go and pick up students with each van having 5-6 students in them. After we pick all of the prospective students, we love to show them what living in California looks like. When I came to Biola Bound two/three years ago, we went to Grand Central Market, which is in Downtown Los Angeles. That was an LA experience for sure. When I went on my first van shift I wanted to show all the Biola Bounders what life in LA would like - so what’s more California than the beach?

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On the Road
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The Beach!

This was way back in December so that’s why it looks gloomy. It is a sunny and 75-degree day right now as I am writing this on Metzger Lawn at Biola. After we walked on the Manhattan beach pier, we went to a popular pizza place in Manhattan beach. After all of the students got acquainted, we made the trip back to Biola for the weekend to officially get started. The energy of the orientation is amazing. At this point, most of the students have gotten to know one another and everyone is talking about their background and making friendships that could grow deeper when they become students at Biola. The evening starts off with the Ambassadors gathering all of the students for a game and it gives the students more of a chance to bond and get know one another.

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Hunter and Jessie Speaking
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Students in a Circle

During the orientation, Kaylor, our Biola bound planner, goes over the itinerary with all of the students of what the weekend will entail. The next day is usually everyone’s favorite day. The students start with church then a Southern California classic, In-N-Out Burger, and then happiest place on Earth, Disneyland theme park which is only 15 minutes south of Biola on the I-5 Freeway.

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After a full day at Disneyland on Sunday, students will get a real taste of what Biola life is like by going to sit in on classes and see what a “busy” day at Biola entails. Students get to see the hustle and bustle and campus come to life (Biola is pretty dead on the weekend so this is the first real look at busy life on campus). Monday is the day of a campus tour and dorm tour and the faculty luncheon where students get to have lunch with the department they have chosen or if undeclared they are able to bounce around from table to table (this is very important). After the full busy day on Monday, Biola bound wraps up with students preparing to go back home. This is a very brief description of Biola Bound and I hope this provides clarity surrounding this weekend. Hope to see you all soon at one! There are two more Biola bounds left in the year, one in March and in April.

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Banner Photo by Cody Board on Unsplash