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I hope you are all staying safe and healthy and not going too crazy while being socially isolated. Biola is praying hard for all of the families affected by the virus.

As I am sure most of you know, Biola is extremely special in that every student that graduates from Biola receives a minor in Biblical & Theological Studies. This means students will be taking 30 credits of Bible classes along with their other classes. It sounds like a lot, but it is so manageable. Most students end up loving their Bible classes as much as their major-specific classes!

the location for many Bible classes--Talbot School of Theology
The Location For Many Bible Classes -- Talbot School of Theology

Bible classes all look pretty different. All students will take Old & New Testament history and literature and Theology 1 and 2. Following that, most students choose to take classes that focus on one of the epistles, such as Gospel of John or Acts. These classes also require reading from authors such as A.W. Tozer or C.S Lewis. The homework for Bible classes is also very manageable, but like every class that you will take: You get out what you put in. Even though your Bible classes may feel less important than your major classes, I would argue that the spiritual transformation that happens as a result of Biola’s bible classes is of greatest importance.

One of the classes that you will most likely take as a first semester freshman is Biblical Interpretation & Spiritual Formation (Biola students call it Bib Interp., for short.) This class focuses on interpreting and understanding how to read scripture, but it also dives deep into the ways in which scripture and spiritual disciplines affect your heart. You will often hear Biola professors say, “It doesn’t matter if you ace this class if the content you learn doesn’t impact your spiritual walk.” I may be biased as a Bible major, but the classes I have taken, even as a freshman, have completely changed the way I read scripture, pray, practice spiritual disciplines and interact with my community. I hope you all enjoy your Bible classes at Biola as much as I do!

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