Questions I receive so often when talking to people usually revolve around if I am working while in college. The answer, most simply, is yes! I am working “write” now technically as I write this blog. You see that? I made a writing pun because I write for work? Okay enough jokes, in this blog, I want to address how to balance school and work as best as possible as well as give tips that have helped me!

My first tip is to try and find a job that is on-campus. I say this because it is a great way to get plugged into the student body and make friends who go to your school: all without commuting too far! Also, most of the time since you are a student on campus, your employer understands that and plans your work schedule around your class schedule since that comes first. This may not always be the case if you are working somewhere off campus. I have had so many occurrences where my boss was understanding and worked with me when school events or studies came up that interfered with work. It is probably the biggest blessings I’ve had since working at Biola.

My second tip is to try and find balance in life, since adding work will obviously increase the amount of free time you have. I have been in some psychology classes where we discuss the effects of adding 20 hour work weeks into your life on top of regular class schedules. The effects, of course, may be negative if you mistreat your body. Our bodies need rest, recuperation, and the proper time to relax for self-care. On top of this, you will be engaged in other school activities and social gatherings with your friends. Getting a job in college is no small task and because of this, you will need to become a better time manager and prioritizer—necessary skills that lead into adulthood. All the more reason to seek that balance so you can be the best worker and student you could be.

My third tip in getting the job during college is to help pay for things! Now, this seems pretty obvious, and I don’t know everyone’s financial situations, but getting a job was so necessary for me. I had a lot of college expenses I needed to pay off and my job helped me secure that. Additionally, it is pretty nice to have some extra spending money when you eventually venture outside of campus to get souvenirs, food, and ice cream. Ice cream money is essential for me. Especially now as I live off campus, I pay for my own groceries to cook at home. Got to be able to pay off that Costco card that comes in handy!

Lastly, I just wanted to reaffirm that getting a job, whether on-campus or not, shouldn’t be a scary thing. It is a great way to make more friends and to be occupied outside a normal school environment. Yeah, it can be challenging but that is the fire that forms us! I have had the best time being able to work and study. Working as a part of your school community is an EVEN greater joy. However, I am biased as I say that because I have only worked for Biola since coming here. Needless to say, if you do work, take care of yourself and make the most out of your work experience. If you can, try and find a job that correlates with what you hope to do as a career outside of college! Thank you for listening to me!