Choosing Biola

Stepping into the Spring of my senior year of high school, I knew I was one tiny step away from making the decision of a lifetime and that frightened me. I knew I wanted to go to college since I was just a kid because of how much of a rewarding investment it is, for growth in mind and character, learning how to positively make an impact on the world through pursuing your dreams. As cliché as it sounds, I saw college as a time to grow and mature. Towards the end of high school, I was ready for change and I was so expectant of the ideal college experience I thought was soon to come. Choosing Biola was a huge curveball from everything I originally wanted out of a university because UCLA was my original dream school.. Out of fear of being rejected from UCLA, I didn’t apply.  However, seeing what God has done thus far at Biola, I know that UCLA wasn’t what God wanted for me. Other than UCLA, I applied to CSULB, CSUF, and CSUR. During the college application season, I really leaned into what God was showing me and learned to really be faithful in God’s plan for me. The process of choosing a college that was going to be a significant aspect of my career was incredibly stressful. Of course, no pressure right?

Once I became attentive to what God was doing, I knew it was no coincidence that Biola University kept appearing on my radar. I was so intimidated at first because I didn’t think that Biola would be the place for me to learn and grow at all. I was scared, thinking that this collegiate, private Christian university was not the place for me. Biola was all over my social media, in website advertisements, emails, stuff in the mail, and even promoted through phone calls. Biola kept sticking out to me in the most accessible ways. At this point, I knew Biola is where God wanted me. So, from that, I decided to fill out the application and to just go for it. This was an immense leap of faith. When I was accepted three months following my application, it was a moment of celebration and thankfulness because despite being intimidated by what this decision meant, I knew God was going to prepare me. In the spring of my Freshman year at Biola, I felt that he was doing just that.

Choosing Biola was such a big step and a big change from what I was used to.. Disregarding any other school that was originally in my plan, I made Biola my home away from home and committed. With living on campus, I have been blessed with community, opportunities for leadership, opportunities to be involved, the friends I've been able to meet, and the growth I’ve seen from it. Looking back, that process wasn’t all that bad now, was it? Making Biola my choice of college has been one of the most significant choices in 20 years living, not letting finances or fear of rejection discourage me to experience all that God has in store for me. I am so very thankful Biola is where I am because I feel that this is where I belong. 

God's Plan is Bigger Than Ours
God's Plan is Bigger Than Ours

What can I do in this current season? 

Despite not being able to predict the future from the decision point, the busy and chaotic season of making the leap towards higher education has been so beneficial to my spiritual walk within the span of two school years.  What I would advise you to do in this season of applying for schools, getting ready to apply, or have already committed to a particular school is simply do your best in all that you do. Give all of your stresses, worries, and negative feelings to God because He is the ultimate provider and He knows what we're capable of. Do everything with the intention to exalt God and not yourself because what’s important is less of us and more of him. Don’t worry, God’s got this and He’s got you. Do your best because that’s enough. Trust in God as he is the ultimate author of your life. He knows where you need to go, just be patient. Breathe, just take it one step at a time. 

His plan vs. ours

In the end, we don’t get to decide where we walk, where we run, or where we serve; we depend on Him to make our paths straight and clear. I pray for continual guidance, patience, and strength every day because despite navigating what I need to get done, I can humbly admit that I don’t have it all together. His plan surmounts every ounce of a plan that we come up with ourselves. Don’t be discouraged by the unknowingness of it all because God is here to take care of you.

A Prayer

 Father God, thank you for leading me this far on this journey of choosing a school to invest in and have it reciprocate in positive ways. You are the ultimate designer and author of my future so I give all the stress and worry to you. I relinquish my unrelenting need to know everything. when you are an all-knowing God and you have your hand in my affairs. There’s my plan vs. yours. Allow me to be more open to your plans for my life and continue to soften my heart. In your name, I pray, Amen.