S.C.O.R.R. stands for the Student Congress on Racial Reconciliation and it is considered one of the biggest student-led conferences in the country. It’s a three day event centered around discussions of race and ethnicity and how Christ plays into the narrative. Not only is this event open to students currently enrolled in Biola, but others from around the country gather to witness diversity, change, and unity brought on by the Holy Spirit. Last year it was a two-day event and now it has been lengthened into three. This year’s theme is centered around “Legacy.” This conference allows thinkers, believers, and leaders to pause and reflect on the values that are taught in the Bible and throughout church history to seek out justice, righteousness, and reconciliation. Speaking on this issue of inequality, it allows us as Christians to better grow and thrive in the 21st century against the battle of racial injustice.

One of the theme verses can be found in Isaiah: “Learn to do good, seek justice, correct oppression; bring justice to the fatherless, and plead the widow’s cause” (1:17, ESV). Here is more information on the overall theme and purpose of SCORR. The event is topped off with articulate speakers and divine leaders. Ranging from members of the Biola family like Mike Ahn, Norlan Hernandez, and Andre Stephens, to Bryan Loritts and our keynote speaker, John M. Perkins. With very diverse backgrounds, this event and these educated individuals will sure spur a conversation that will resonate with all who attend. In addition to speakers, we have various workshops that are categorized into three difference levels:, “Emerging (those new to conversation), Expanding (those who understand the basic concepts and desire to continue exploring), and Engaging (those committed to explore complexity and build skills for action and advocacy).

Here is a link with all of the details regarding the event. With the conference being held on Biola’s campus, be prepared to meet new faces, hear new stories, and spark conversations worth having. We are here to grow in our faith, in community, and to gain a different perspective on how we see the world and what better way to do that than to hear how the Holy Spirit is already transforming the story on racial inequality.  This will be the first year I attend so I look forward to gaining some wisdom while hearing from other educators. Everybody has a story worth telling—celebrate diversity in both the already-arrived and coming gift of reconciliation in Jesus Christ..

Thank you and enjoy SCORR Conference 2019!