Biola is home to one of the biggest Christian gatherings in the Northern Hemisphere on the topic of racial reconciliation. People from all over the world visit our school to hear speakers talk about  race and gender issues in the world today. Speakers also host seminars around campus where students can hear smaller presentations and participate in discussions. I have attended this conference for the past two years, a completely optional decision, and I must say it was one of the most impactful experiences of my life as person and Christian.

Throughout my time at SCORR I have been changed for all the better. My faith is challenged, my ways of thinking of challenged, and I usually leave the conference in tears. Never before have I seen such a diverse community of Christians come together to discuss pressing issues about our country and how we as Christians should be tackling them. It is more than powerful to hear from such prolific speakers who have been gifted with such diverse voices and ideas on an array of topics dealing with reconciliation. I could not more earnestly implore my friends from all backgrounds—cultural, political, or otherwise—to attend such a powerful conference. It is not only a gift that you are able to discuss such topics amongst friends from your school, but also having the ability to discuss the issues with students from other schools. I can’t reflect enough on how this conference has been beyond a blessing and something I wish to attend long after my graduation from Biola University.

With Torrey Conference and Missions Conference here at Biola being required of us to attend, I must say that I wish SCORR also had mandatory attendance for the student body as well. I say that because of how genuinely I believe in the impact it could have on the student body if all were in attendance. Plus, it’s free for Biola students! The conference goes over subjects which I believe are essential for us, as Christians, to discuss as a unified body to benefit ourselves and our journey for the kingdom. SCORR introduced me to so many viewpoints and ideas that I have never thought of from my personal background and it was enlightening to hear from others on topics. Additionally, the discussions added by students from around the world with the speakers talking points had me writing notes till my hands hurt. I couldn’t get enough of the information I was receiving about our political and social climate from other Christian perspectives.

As far as what happens at SCORR, there are many breakout sessions at different times where students can choose what speaker and topic they want to attend, all touching on what we as Christians can do within in our current climate to better impact each other. Personally, as a lover of films—and I hoping to be in the industry one day—one of my favorite sessions came from Dr. Yuen, one of our sociology professors, who spoke about race and gender issues within the industry. Her discussion actually impacted me so much that I even decided to take her class on the same subject matter this semester. SCORR is a place for discussion and a safe environment where brothers and sisters in Christ can hear and learn from one another about the subjects that impact us all. 

Here is the link where all the information about SCORR this year is housed!