Why the vlog? Spring Break!

With Spring Break being a week-long time off from class and commitments, I knew I wanted to capture a snippet of the fun I was able to have during that time. Biola’s Spring Break might be earlier than other universities’ but, that gave me the opportunity I needed to partake in a couple of spontaneous activities with friends. Spring Break began on the second of March until the tenth and within my vlog, I decided to create a compilation of two separate occasions that I was able to film.

Aubrey and friends!

Where did I go over break?

So on the first portion of the vlog, I visit a desert landscape; perfect for photos, fun times, and art installations of course. Going in the direction of Palm Springs, there is an annual site-specific, contemporary art exhibition held in the Coachella Valley of Southern California called Desert X. Not only is the art open for people to visit and take pictures with, but it’s also a scavenger hunt to find them individually. As crazy as it sounds, we had to drive to each separate location to experience the art designated for the Desert X art show every year. The weather was sunny and perfect for tourism. What made this event stand out so much was that it was art inspired! Being an art major, I am always trying to experience all kinds of artwork; even if that means seeing a giant pink eraser-shaped block in the middle of nowhere.

Desert X art installations

I hadn’t heard of Desert X until recently, about four to five days before we left for our day trip. The drive went by so fast as we went through the desert blasting good music and having good conversations Who would’ve thoughtthat this would be the road trip highlight of my time spent off-campus? Even though venturing into the desert may not sound fun to local residents to Southern California, I enjoyed it all.

Noa taking photos with a tripod

Not soon after I got back from the day trip to Coachella Valley, I made plans to go to the beach with my roommate and our friend. Going into spring break week, I didn’t imagine that I would be exposed to the desert and the beach within the span of a day. At the beach, the weather was nice and breezy with very little people out on the sand. We had lunch and headed over to Dana Point that day, too.

Who did I go with? What did we do?

For the Desert X trip, I road tripped with my friends Aubrey and Megan (who are both ambassadors with me) along with an ambassador alum, Jeremy. I enjoyed spending time with these amazing individuals and they were naturals on camera.

For the beach adventure, my roommate Alberto and our friend Micah, had fun just spontaneously fighting with sticks, skipping rocks, and touching the water. Even driving itself brings about a sense of adventure. Both trips, the scenery, fresh air, and the good music were all good to my soul and I am proud I was able to vlog some of those great moments.

Noa throwing up peaces signs at the beach
Noa with a flower in his ear

 “Creativity is often reflected in one man’s workmanship, make something you could be proud of,” (Anonymous).

Create something visually that brings you joy and you’ll certainly see the results and be proud of that. Thanks again for taking the time to read this. I hope you have a great rest of your week and I’ll see you around!

God Bless,

Noa K. Melendez

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