Sophomore Year

Going into my second year at Biola, I can’t wait to see where God will lead me this year. Looking back on freshman year, I felt so drawn to this school and by God’s good grace, He made it his mission for me to attend. I am so grateful to be apart of such an enriching community. Even though so much has felt the same and in routine, there are moments when I look back and  everything is so different. I’ve learned and developed so much since last year and I am so very grateful for all that I have experienced and been apart of. So now moving forward, I enter another growing season with goals and intentions, an open mind, a softened heart, and a new set of lenses. My word for the year is “intentional.” To be intentional in conversation, to be intentional in how I use my time, to be intentional about what I say/think in addition to being intentional about crafting authenticity. I would consider myself a very goal-oriented person so when I began my Spring semester of last year, I started to craft a month of eight to ten goals that are plausible for achieving with a new layout per month. These goals are completely unique and curated for me to look at and view. This is so that I am constantly referencing my goals when I go about each day and with this, I put all my goals down on one sheet of paper to organize my thoughts and intentions. 

Noa's Goals
Noa's Goals

Goals I set for the rest of the semester:

  • I hope to be more intentional in my time
  • I want to love more and that includes loving myself
  • Focus on school and keeping grades up
  • Prioritize commitments 
  • Be more active
  • Think more long-term in regards to goal-setting
  • Speak less, listen more
  • Continue to make your intentions so that you can stay focused on a particular set of goals for the month 
  • Continue to do my best in all that I do

Sign off and Final Statements

I am really looking forward to being ambitious in my goals this semester and I expect to get the most out of my second year at Biola. As I reflect on last year and what it was for me, I am thankful for all of it and what God has been teaching me. I just want to encourage you to pursue your goals and be open to what God is going to show you in the current season and semester that you’re in. 

Noa in a Record Store
Noa in a Record Store

See you later friends,