Noa with his youth ministry

I have been involved in my church since my family and I first started attending it: I grew up in the children's and youth ministry here. Since we lived so close, my family and I were invited to this church by our close family friends that live just across the street from us. Now I get to call it home.

Leader meeting

When I first stepped foot on my church's campus I knew that it was going to be a place where I would grow throughout high school and beyond. I started getting involved in ministry in the third grade as a kid not really knowing how ministry functioned: I thought it was merely babysitting while my parents were in the main sanctuary. In reality, ministry is so much more. As I moved up in age I then moved onto the elementary and middle school ministry where I truly felt that I was drawn closer to God. I began to change my habits, my health, and who I was as a person. Come high school, I was in the process of creating and cultivating. High school ministry has been impactful for my own personal holistic growth and now graduated as a leader, I see ministry from a different angle. Instead of being on the other side of the fence as a student and member, now I have a responsibility and i’m thankful for that.

Youth group girls

Youth Group has made me who I am in the church body. I have been blessed with the privilege of growing up in ministry, so now I am able to pass that onto the kids of my high school ministry. Since coming to Biola, I've had to give up a few of my commitments at church but I still love serving in our youth ministry. I have a great small group, and awesome co-leaders. Unfortunately I am not able to attend our college ministry service on Wednesdays because of scheduling reasons with work and school but I plan on returning to it in my second semester. Biola has strengthened my sense of individuality and I am so glad that I can bring my creativity and willingness to work as a team to the table in order to better serve the students. Serving in the youth ministry gives me a sense of identity and responsibility to uphold the principles of being a role-model.

Youth group night having fun


Silly group photo