SUP! It’s Tony :)

If you know me, you know that I’ve had a looot of jobs. My first ever job was at McDonald’s when I was 16. After that I was off and running; I’ve worked at warehouses, I’ve walked dogs with Wag!, done Doordash, Postmates, and had an internship last summer. In between all of those I also have had some on-campus jobs that I’ll share a little about here!

Biola Bookstore

My first Biola job was my freshman year when I worked at the Biola store. My job was to handout online book orders to students! It would get pretty busy sometimes due it being the rush period that students would receive their orders. Other than those times of the day it was a pretty chill job and I enjoyed being able to work in a nice air-conditioned place!

Eagle’s Nest

My second-ever job at Biola was at Eagle’s Nest. Eagle’s was great to work at because first of all, FREE FOOD SOMETIMES. It is also a great place to work because there are always hours, and the employees are so wonderful to work with. It has been about 2 years since I worked at Eagle’s and the employees still know me by name. They’re awesome people to stop by and chat with when it isn’t too busy.

Facilities Management

Last summer, before and after my internship, I worked with Facilities Management. I loved working with them because it was work I was familiar with and I also made some great friends that I still hang with! I still see some of the main facilities workers around campus here and there and love to stop and talk with them for a bit. Great people.

Biola Ambassador

Here I am now, a Biola Ambassador! Out of all the great jobs I’ve had at Biola, this has been my favorite. It has felt more like a family than anything—shout out Heather and Karissa! It has been great learning how to get out of my comfort zone: whether it be when we’re to talking to families, high school students, or even the other ambassadors. It has also been great being able to be myself around people who are also being themselves. It is definitely going to be sad ending out this semester and having to say bye to all of my new friends, but it has been such a great time.

No matter where you choose to work for an on-campus job I can guarantee that you will love it—and all of the people that you meet through it. I have personally never had a problem and I’m sure that you’ll have a great time too!

It’s been great telling you my job journey, see you soon!