Clubs on campus are run by Student Programming and Activities (or SPA, for short). SPA works to provide recreational and educational opportunities for the student body, leading to the overall enrichment of the holistic student experience. Not only does the program manage our main events on campus, they provide oversight to 75 clubs and intramural sports teams offered to all students. With so many clubs on campus, it’s hard to just pick one to get involved with. Here is the full list of clubs for you to browse!

Throughout the academic year, involvement/club fairs are hosted sporadically so that there are many opportunities to sign up for a club that you’re interested in. Typically hosted on Sutherland Way, numerous tables provide outlets to get plugged into campus. Joining a club is very easy and accessible. Emails are sent to each member and keep everyone informed and updated. Besides emails, text messages, group chats, and the use of Remind (an application where members are notified of certain messages and announcements) are different ways to communicate with other members of the club.

Once you get through the first step of joining a club on campus, events are just the tip of the iceberg! These gatherings allow students to interact with one another in a positive and welcoming community. When I first discovered Biola, I made sure that I did my research on the different ways to get plugged in because that’s how I made the most out of my high school experience. Coming in as a Freshman, I made sure that I joined Adventure Club, Environmental Club, Archery Club, Art League, and more. I have a habit of saying “yes” to everything, but different people have varying capacities for the amount of things that they can handle, so just be mindful of what that is for you. Don’t put too much on your plate!.

Coincidentally, I was allowed the chance to bring the Art League back from a hiatus: I get to serve as Vice President! As art students and members of the club, we wanted to bring newness to this space and make it open to all of Biola—not just art majors. Art League is designed to foster a community centered around the visual arts, connect students and faculty, and create art-awareness at Biola. Art is my passion and i’m blessed to be part of a club that encourages creativity on campus. I encourage all of you to go and follow your passions outside of your comfort zone! That’s where the most growth takes place. Join a club and get involved! Have fun!

Art League table at club fair