Hellooo friends!

It’s Fiona again here with another blog post! As a global student, I am constantly missing home and the food from back home or just Asian food in general. Luckily, there are some super great international food places near Biola that I love going to! Here are some of them:

Tokyo Town Sushi

There’s sooo much to love about Tokyo Town, you guys! With its close proximity from Biola’s campus, you could totally walk to this awesome place for only 10 minutes (or faster depending on how fast of a walker you are!). Another great thing is that they have Happy Hour all day on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and from 11am to 6pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Who doesn’t love lower priced sushi?! Plus, you get FREE ICE CREAM after every single meal! I recommend getting the Popcorn Shrimp Roll or Tempura California Roll there!

Sup Noodle Bar

I love eating a hot bowl of pho during a cold and gloomy day (or any day really) and Sup Noodle Bar is my favorite place to do just that! It has a super warm and homey ambience too! I always get the Pho Filet (ask for shaken style!) and Shaken House Fries to share (these are sooo good).

Sol Inka

Anyone down for Peruvian food?! This place has authentic Peruvian food and cool vibes plus, it’s only a 5 minute drive away from Biola! If you’ve never tried Peruvian food before, I recommend trying it out here and getting the Lomo Saltado!

Man Doo Rang Dumpling House

And we can’t forget about Korean food! This is another one of my comfort food places! Man Doo Rang serves the best Dumpling Ramen eveeeer. Sometimes when I’m in the mood for rice, I’ll get the Rice with Beef Topping or Chicken Cutlet with Curry though. This restaurant can be a little harder to spot since it is tucked away in a corner of a plaza on Beach Blvd. Give it a try!

85 Degrees Bakery

I can’t forget about dessert, of course! 85 Degrees Bakery serves some really good fresh bread (My favorites are the Garlic Cheese, Spinach Kale Danish and Matcha Red Bean Cake) as well as BOBA! Some days I just crave some Boba Milk Tea and I think that 85 Degrees is the closest place to Biola that has the best Boba. Some other drinks you might want to try are the Sea Salt Coffee, Iced Sea Salt Mountain Green Tea, Rose Milk Tea with Boba, or the Iced Passion Fruit Green Tea with Lychee Jelly! Wow, this just shows how much I go to 85, you guys...

I hope this list will be helpful for you during those times when you miss the tastes of home or if you just want to try out cool new international food places near campus! Let me know when you’ve tried any of these out and hit me up if you ever want to go :D

Til next time,