Hey guys!

Are you guys excited for the holidays? I’m so excited to take a break from school and relax back at home. 

I remember when I committed to Biola my senior year and being so excited to move out and leave my home town in Florida. I have always seen myself as an independent person and never expected that I would miss home. Especially after my first couple of months in college, I am learning that prioritizing rest is a hard thing for me to do. I have serious FOMO and that leads me to be involved with so many things (some of which I really don’t have time for!) College is an amazing experience because there is so much to do and see, so many new people to meet and become closer with. It’s crazy to think that when my classes change next semester, I will meet and become friends with even more people. All this to say, you can easily keep yourself busy while being a college student. 

However, I am always missing the peace and comfort that home brings. And I think it is so fitting that break comes when it does, because honestly, I need a break. I don’t really want to take a break, but I know I need the time to decompress, reflect, and recharge before second semester. I am especially grateful to be able to say that I am going back home for the holidays, because I know everyone doesn’t have that option. One of my favorite things to do over break is to go to a local coffee shop, sit down, listen to music, and just write and draw in one of my journals. It’s also a great time to start looking at the upcoming new year and plan out what internships you are planning to do or even just think about upcoming plans for the summer. 

Maggie at a local coffee shop, writing and drawing in one of her journals
"One of my favorite things to do over break is to go to a local coffee shop, sit down, listen to music, and just write and draw in one of my journals."

So what are your guys’ plan for the holidays? Living in Florida, we don’t usually experience the chilly weather. In fact, we never really do. The coldest it gets is usually in the 60’s. So, to get a taste of that Christmas spirit, we usually go up to New York City for a few days. New York is one of my favorite places and I love it especially at Christmas time. When we are there we usually go ice skating, window shopping, and of course, get a hot latte every morning because it is FREEZING outside to us Floridians! 

Another thing I love about being gone just for a few days during break is that I can truly enjoy the few days that I am home. I don’t think about, talk about, or mention homework. I try to stay off my phone (besides to take a few pictures of course), and I try to truly enjoy the time I have with my family. Moving away from the comfort of home and constant support of family is hard. Though it is hard, it is also good. It is an opportunity to grow and make your own path. And through the change that this season brings, it makes you appreciate things you often take for granted. For me, this is the closeness of my family. So, when I do go on these trips, I learn to appreciate and cherish even more the time I have with them.

Some fond memories I have of last year include: ice skating with my sister at Bryant Park, going to see the big tree in all its glory at the Rockefeller center strung with lights and a glowing star at the top, and last but not least, getting lost! Our hotel was on east 42nd street, but we proceeded to walk all the way to west 42nd street, which at the moment was frustrating, but now I look back and laugh at that day. Even in the annoying moments, I still try to enjoy them knowing that it doesn’t really matter what we are doing, but what’s important is that we are doing it together.  

Ice Skating at Bryant Park with Maggie's Sister
Maggie Ice Skating with Her Sister at Bryant Park in New York

A Christmas Tree on the Streets of New York
A Christmas Tree on the Streets of New York!

I am wishing all of the Becoming Biola readers a Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and the Happiest of New Years! May your holiday season be restful, full of delicious lattes, and merry & bright!

Much love,

Mags :)