Hey guys!

You’re almost there!! The final stretch! The end of the semester is near and approaching. Soon, you’ll be done with high school and will be off to college. Whether you will be attending Biola or another school, the end of the semester can be super challenging. You want to finish the semester strong but also want to live every moment of your senior year to the fullest!

It is also currently my last semester at Biola and it’s crazy to think that I will be graduating so soon! I totally get the struggle of wanting to be on summer break and it can be easy to lose focus on school towards the end. In light of that, I am here to encourage you guys to keep going! The end of a semester can be tough but here are a few tips to finish the semester well:

Finish homework during weekdays

A habit that I’ve been consistently doing throughout high school and college is to finish as much homework as I can during the weekdays. I know that this can be pretty hard to do in college with jobs and other things to do on campus. But, doing as much work as you can will totally help free up your weekend. Therefore, you’ll have time to go out with friends and relax.

Plan your week

I’ve kept the habit of planning my weeks ahead of time in my planner or calendar app. That way, I know how much homework I have to do on any certain week and this will give me a bigger picture of what my days will look like. I know that this can be pretty tedious to do but trust me, it makes a huge difference.

Take time for yourself

With a busy schedule, it is also very important you take time for yourself. I remember every semester’s end being super stressful and I wanted time for myself to watch Netflix and hang out with friends. I encourage you to take those days off to relax so that you don’t burn out.

You got this!! I’m praying that you finish your semester off strong! :)

See you next time,