Hey everyone! It is Tony again :). It has definitely been a great time sharing with all of you. So before I go I just want to share a little more encouragement with these three bits of advice.

Be Yourself

Tony, Himself

Starting college is a scary thing—at least, it definitely was for me, having no prior knowledge of what it might be like. Don’t worry about coming in and making a name for yourself, “starting fresh”, or being anything that is not the real you. Who you are is enough for Jesus, so let that be enough for you, too. Speaking from experience, the more you let the real you show the more you will find people who will appreciate you for just that. Also, when it comes to friends, it is ALWAYS quality over quantity

Do What You Are Passionate About

This is something that I learned during this last year and half of school. If something makes you happy, whether it be music, art, photography, math, poetry, building stuff, working out, literally anything; keep doing it and do it to the best of your ability. Share what you make and find out ways to improve! I knew that I liked photography and  I spent these past couple of months I went out to take pictures as often as I could, even if it meant going alone sometimes. Taking photos has become one of my favorite things to do! Your story matters and however you choose to express what you have to say deserves to be seen and heard.

Be There For The Ones You Love

College is hard. Life is hard. Working is hard. Loving is hard. One of the most important things I’ve learned here from my time at Biola is that the most important things in life is being a friend. Jesus calls us is friends and I think that’s so important to remember. It was not easy for me to learn this, I haven’t always been the most approachable person. It was going through my own hard times that I realized how important it was to be the light in someone else's life. I’m definitely no therapist, but I now know what it means to be understanding, kind, and comforting. Be there for your friends, your family, your classmates, your dog, your fish, your hair stylist, and your uncle who never stops talking. You never know who might need just that one person to just show some humanity.

Learning is an endeavor filled with failing, and if you are anything like me it will take you 21 years to learn even that. You can do it! We all believe in you and most importantly, Jesus believes in you. I’ll see you later!!

“Own more than you show

Speak less than you know

Lend less than you owe

Learn more from where you go

Hone more than you trow

Set less than you throw" - Leviathan, by Fury